What are dental crowns, and how do they restore a natural tooth?

Dr. Jon Edmondson of Windsor Mill, Maryland, describes the dental crown, or “tooth cap,” as a ceramic or metal cover placed over a damaged, decayed, misshaped, or discolored tooth. It is used to restore the tooth’s function, aesthetics, and strength. Crowns can also be used to hold bridges in place or be placed on top of dental implants. These restorations are commonly created and placed at Edmondson Family Dental Care to repair the smile.

What types of crowns are available?

A crown is made of either porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), all-porcelain, resin material, or stainless steel. PFM and all-porcelain are the most natural-looking materials and are usually chosen for front teeth restorations. A resin material is also an aesthetic choice but not as strong as PFM or all porcelain. Stainless steel crowns are typically used for the temporary restoration of primary teeth.

How is a crown placed?

Placing a dental crown usually requires two visits. During the first visit, the tooth will be prepared, and an impression of the tooth and surrounding teeth will be taken to create a model for the laboratory-made restoration. A temporary crown is then placed until the permanent one can be delivered. At the second appointment, Dr. Jon Edmondson will remove the temporary and check the fit, bite, color, and other factors before cementing it in place with a special adhesive.

Are there any considerations when getting a dental crown?

A dental patient should keep in mind that although it is possible to replace a missing or damaged tooth with an artificial one, they still need to practice good oral hygiene to prevent decay and other dental problems. Regular flossing, brushing, and regular check-ups with Dr. Jon Edmondson are essential for a healthy smile. Composite resin crowns can be more susceptible to staining than natural teeth, so extra care must be taken in avoiding certain foods or drinks that can cause discoloration of the restoration.

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A dental crown is ideal for restoring structure and function to damaged or decayed teeth. With proper care, a crown can last up to a decade before needing replacement. To learn more about this treatment option and to find out if you are a good fit, contact Dr. Jon Edmondson at 3100 Lord Baltimore Drive, Suite #210, by calling (410) 220-5309.